Russian Doll

I crawled out of Ma’s womb fell to ground and took root

It was Summer then, it’s Summer now 20 years down

Massive with trunks thick, leaves lush I’m a beast

I did all that was prescribed and to it I attribute my form

But something’s amiss inside

A snake awakens long after everyone’s asleep

And I lay awake with it conspiring

It hisses and plots my next steps

I like a werewolf transform to carnage

And carry the snakes bidding.

Two lives I lead- one for sanity and the other for…

For that’s what’s to be.

Like rivers one lashes shores cutting through mountains

The other flows demure under bridges stained green and black

But down the stream as we know it, both unite to sea

And so united my two lives.

What a scoundrel I was!

Banished. Ostracized.

A “death” trial ensues

Stripping away layers like a Russian Doll

Accumulated over years to cut to core.

Revealing to ME what is ME- ancient and ingrained

Really who’s to judge what’s right from wrong?

Now standing by the sea with the Sun peaking behind clouds

I stand looking at the waves, flowing the same

As it must have flowed long before I breathed at all

And continue on post all my breath flows out.


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