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A Daze

We are in a weekly business review: me, him and her Nostrils oval black and clear is most prominent about her Dressed in yellow she talks but the words fly As my eyes wander again to her oval nose It’s rude to stare but my … Continue reading A Daze

My Boyfriend’s a Saint

He’s a saint, pure of little fault 

Uttering words that hit the heart 

To one as that, what do you say but yes? 

His value to this world is priceless 

But in conventional measure it’s worth scant

Stuck between the two, what am I to do?

I am just your neighborhood Jane

Dreaming of salvation and greatness

But before all, a house just like the rest

A husband with all the answers 

2 babies spaced 4 years apart

Patriarchal in practice but feminist at heart

He is the partner girls dream of

Attentive listener, kind as a soft bell chime

Better than any dad was to her mom

But why is he walking in my wake?

Bridging dream and reality

My ego is not ready to face my atman 

No I want more, she says

Kindness doesn’t feed hunger

What if calamity were to strike? My poor eggs! 

He’s a saint devoted to his God 

But with little practical sense

What use is that for mortal I am

But he says-

‘Dear, we’ll figure it out’

With love and conviction

Which I realize is all that matters in the end



Is that mighty hand with a will so strong Turning pages, unbiased to happy and sad Dragging us with no rest from wake to death ~ Your mighty hand familiar but not welcome I rebel, drowning fears of what’s to come in wine To no … Continue reading Time

His Mind

One evening after I had all I could, I throw a bomb at him Tell him it’s enough already Get out and stop wasting my time Bring out my list of things I hate Blow by blow I tell him how his existence is worth … Continue reading His Mind


I drag my feet out of bed to the desk Fire up the machine, eyes crusty and croak “Hello” so pretty Work it all day long chiming “Yes of course!” By dusk when all parrots fly back home I’m still at it, working it on … Continue reading No