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-Is like a large drop of rain on the back of an ant that you can’t get off easy. You’ve got to walk, shit, sleep with it weighing heavy persistent. Every second is punctured by a sigh but you go on, ‘cause winter is close and you need to restock. Time’s the walk of fire but across it lies peace. Hang in there. 

Here’s something to spare you a few sighs if string’s your thing.



Now, I try and distill magic as pure as can beTo find it curl and dissipate between winks.They say (the successful), put a banner flashy,And an offer one can’t resist and fly it will.Tis tainted, the path’s not for me I say.But, hunger you see, … Continue reading Now


[Defrosted from the Archives] It was late evening and I hurried out to catch the last few minutes of the summer sun, the most I could off late. Instead of catching the usual bus back home, I crossed over to the other side where the … Continue reading Pause