I drag my feet out of bed to the desk Fire up the machine, eyes crusty and croak “Hello” so pretty Work it all day long chiming “Yes of course!” By dusk when all parrots fly back home I’m still at it, working it on … Continue reading No


One early dawn I closed the door to my house and set out Still in slumber with street lights flickering I walked past homes in my village one last time At the bank, I surrendered all my savings for a ride ‘cross the river The … Continue reading River


As I walked by the brook between thickets of forest It pricked me this little bug- emerald in hue The sound in my ears where there was none Trilled and trilled Starting as a soft murmur to a crescendo so shrill I could not ignore … Continue reading Trilling


You catch’em all mid-stride, running day and night Smiles and pearly whites don’t be fooled Grease your legs and start running Everyone here is seasoned with bruises to mark Which you’ll suffer give it time Hehehe, it’ll squeeze the fuck out of you When all … Continue reading Jobz


Face of Innocence

His cheeks glow like the Moon reflecting off Sun’s light

Creamy as caramel with little dents as his smiles or cries

His fingers so tender, so hard is the urge not to bite

But mesmerizing most of all is his curiosity and blind faith

Was I once like this?

A baby he is of a father that raped

Those days I remember, every Saturday by the lake

Mid-noon and deserted, it went on for so long

A memory that decades can’t erase

The babe resembles so his father and I take him to my room

But his smile with a little tongue so pink so pink

Disintegrates all in its face and love gushes

Little pleasures like a drop of honey or a touch of perfume

Cracks him up so loud the whole house glows in warmth

He wails loud of a distress unknown, a clap a caw a meow and whoosh its all gone

He watches with wonder pure every article about, what better audience can one ask?

Time with him measures a different pace almost like a healing ex-perience

So beautiful a creation, God I bow down to you

He calls out “Nuuuu! Nuuuu!” standing by the gate

My heart cries out “Oh sweetness I’m here!”

The End

One night with stars shining bright and the moon out not one glimmer shy, we both shook hands and said our goodbyes. A story that started the beginning of time found an end this fateful night Hungry-Thirty, drenched in misery I set out on a … Continue reading The End