A Warm Night

This memory from long ago comes to me in whispers…

A night it was I remember inside a motel room, where we were. Cocooned together me and him under yellow flickers of incandescent light.

A tiny sleepy town it was, covered in a haze of mountains that curtained the day hours before sun-down. That’s where I found him, in a world untouched by time or decrepit by man.

Soft was his jacket, tweed was it? Elastic slightly loosened at the wrist. Should have put my fingers through them, if only.

What a day we had had! Past bridges aglow, down endless streets with colors so varied, fingers knit with not a care for any.

I feel another wave passing through, wish you too could see this with me- carrying faint bongs of temple bells, wisps of warm chocolate and cigarette smoke by rivers edge

The water there was unlike any, changing colors as its mood fit. Frigid black at dusk on our first dip, tempting Green as we fed red-hued fish, an unforgettable playful blue as paramours kissed by the monk’s cave.

The sky tonight so like then, closing my eyes I’m there again. My body along with mind so easily captured by the net of memories sweet.

I remember that serene smile he cast leaning at the bedpost tired, eyes closed. A moment seared in time for satisfaction I’d felt so strong

Resting my head on his chest I fell asleep to wake up again only to pull him to bed. Chilly may have been the night but cocooned with him warm it was under incandescent light.

Whatever is now, I’m snuggling to this tonight…

P.S. Featured image from Zhibit


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