On the Road

He’s out rolling the road with his truck

Huffing and puffing along with load


It started as with everyone- alone

Then came along his pet Woof

Who died a sad death that was his first blow


Not too later came along her with the goldi locks

Which was when he bought the truck

Shiny red with room so vast filled with ideas


A kid followed another

Bottles screams diapers shit college fees

Saw a truck-door, spare tyres sold till little birds flew


The truck now warm with memories

Spread sweet aroma of food by an experienced cook

And wise heart crinkled at the eyes


As the truck passes by my window

I see chairs with legs wobbly peeking out precariously

So full it is with load creaking loud


Sweet couple I wish I too get to be


It rolled for years still until

Goldi locks breathed her last

And that was the end of the truck


Old man walked the road alone again

So ripe and fruitened, sure to drop any moment

Born alone die alone, a rainbow through a prism of life

P.S. Featured image from dreamstime.com


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